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The Tassimo Coffee Maker

Tassimo technology uses aluminium T discs, which have a pre-measured amount of coffee grounds within them, to produce a single cup of coffee. Though we think of this machine as a coffee maker, it can make hot chocolate, tea, espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and standard filter coffee.

The machine does this by reading the bar-code on the T disc, and then selecting brewing instructions that are designed for each particular brand of tea or coffee. Which means you get a perfect brew every single time. Even better, there is a wide range of T-discs to choose from.

Tassimo technology was invented by Bosch, a premium German manufacturer, (Bosch have a very good reputation - their machines last for years) and they have also licenced the technology to Braun, who also make Tassimo coffee machines. The most popular tassimo machine is the Bosch Tassimo T65

Click on the images below for the best Tassimo coffee makers:

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