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Pyrex Storage Containers

When it comes to glass food storage sets, and bakeware that can go into the freezer, nobody beats Pyrex.

The chief advantage of storing food in a Pyrex storage container, is that Pyrex containers are made of glass. That means you don't get a weird plastic taste leaching into food stored in the container, and you don't get food smells or stains leaching permanently into the container itself. Glass containers are also safer for you (they don't react in any way with the food, even when heated, unlike plastics).

Pyrex have been making their specialised glass containers since 1915. All pyrex containers sold in America are made in the USA. (Click on the pictures below to expand)

If you like to cook a lot on the weekend and then freeze everything ready to be microwaved and eaten during the week, then these Pyrex containers are perfect for you. All the containers are made from tough non-porous glass, which won't warp, stain or absorb smells - so if you cook a lot with garlic or curry powder, these are ideal for a sweet smelling kitchen!

The bowls can withstand ovens, microwaves and dishwashers - which means you can cook, serve, and then store the leftovers away using the same dish. The lids are seal-tight and can be used for freezer storage. You also get a two-year warranty on the glass. When not being used, the containers stack easily within each other so you can store them neatly away.

The Pyrex storage containers come in a variety of sets - a 6 piece rectangular set with blue lids, a 14 piece round set with blue lids, an 18 piece round set, the 10 piece set with a mix of three round and two rectangular bowls, and a 20 piece mixed set.

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