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Presto Pressure Cookers

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Modern pressure cookers were invented by Presto a century ago, and the company still make the most reliable pressure cookers on the market.

Presto pressure cookers are stovetop cookers, which sit neatly on any gas or electric stove.

The large pressure canners, like the 23 quart one pictured left, come with a dial pressure gauge, so you can be extra precise with the level of pressure you need for canning. The smaller 6 quart pressure cookers have a cover lock indicator to show when there is pressure in the pot.

The 23 quart pressure canner is made from heavy duty aluminum, with a steel lid that comes with a sealing ring. The lid locks into place and doesn’t unlock till the pressure has subsided. The handles stay cool throughout. The 6 quart pressure cooker is made from heavy stainless steel.

Both comes with racks so that you can stack several layers within the pot.

These pressure cookers come with a 12 year warranty, plus instruction and recipe booklets. If you merely need a pressure cooker for fast family cooking, choose the 6 quart cooker, as the capacity is not too large and not too small. If you are canning, then you really need the 23 quart canner (which doubles as a pressure cooker).

Presto also sell the inner sealing rings separately if yours stops working due to wear and tear and old age.

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