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Le Creuset French Oven

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Le Creuset French Ovens are cast-iron cooking pots that are often referred to as dutch ovens.

The cast iron is enamelled to make it non-stick (in a safe non toxic way). The enamelling also means that you don’t need to season your cast-iron pot to protect it, the enamelling does that for you.

The enamels come in a variety of pretty colors.

The benefit of cooking in a cast-iron pot is that iron conducts heat superbly allowing to to heat the pot evenly which then enables you to do all sorts of one pot cooking, like traditional french casseroles, stews, and any cooking that involves simmering.

Le Creuset dutch ovens are hand-made in France and come with a lifetime warranty.

The 5 1/2 quart pot is the perfect size for family cooking 

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